Korean cultural brand cloisoo
that blooms in the world

The artist's beliefs

Over 50 years the Lee Soo-Kyung and
late Kim Ik-Seon's obsession
over the color of the glaze has created
the pure essense of the true colors.
With this obsession the final product has
a color which can warm and please
the heart of our world ide customers.

Korean Cloisonne Master
Lee Soo Kyung

Artist's story and life

"My art practice has been inspired by the things I have experienced in my childhood. I spent endless hours listening to the music by Sarasate, Tchaikovsky, and Beethoven or reading literature by PearlBuck to forget the painful times. Bankruptcy of my father's business My Chilbo work reflects a colorful stage of life everyonegoes through. I hope my heart touched work can enrich lives and help heal people, just like the classic music and literature that helped me a long time ago, and this became my dedication, and my motto to keep making chilbo and my reason to continue this path, Thank you."

Korean Cloisonne Master이수경